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Become part of the story of a brother and sister who started in the attic and their mission to make a difference.

our company values


Make the difference in your everyday life.

When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else take up the pen. Among all the noise and haste of everyday life, we aim to motivate you to remain curious and keep planning for tomorrow.



Make the difference together.

First and foremost, our products are here for you. Over time, we have been lucky to receive lots of feedback and ideas from all those using GreenBook. UX-designers, high school pupils, public servants, and CEOs have all contributed. We continue to listen.


Make the difference for sustainability.

We have inherited this earth, so let’s keep it safe for our children and grandchildren. Fair wages and environmentally conscious design define us.

GreenTeam Executive

Queen of words

Fleur is showing a different side of herself compared to her current studies (philosophy and history): she is responsible for writing the texts you are reading right now. Although she doesn’t quite get instagram yet (if all words have hashtags, why not leave the #hashtags?) she enjoys contributing to Greenstory. Claim to fame: although she cannot even whistle, she came up with the idea of music pages for GreenBook. As entrepreneur she offers her services.

Contact: fleur@ourgreenstory.com

Currently in: Maastricht, the Netherlands

Crazy innovator

Kaim is the one making sure that we keep ahead of ourselves: orders, packaging, design, he’s on it. While busy scheming big changes he is also watching over our internal communication, which is not the easiest of tasks considering that our GreenTeam keeps moving (literally, when it comes to cities in the world) so almost everything is organised online. He always has a bunch of new product ideas in his head, so if you have a crazy innovative idea then he’s the one to talk to.

Contact: kaim@ourgreenstory.com

Currently in: Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

Green wizard

Yagmur initiated the launch of Greenstory after a search for sustainable school supplies in high school. The rest is history: Yagmur is heading the team, staying in touch with Greenstory users, bloggers and other extended family in the Community. With her Bachelors of Science in sustainable innovation, she is actively greening our production and service processes. Curious? Read all about our impact. Get in touch with Yagmur for business or collaboration enquiries.

Contact: yagmur@ourgreenstory.com

Currently in: Birmingham, UK

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